About Us

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18 years ago, Art Focus International decided it was time for a change in the existing film market in Romania. This change involved combining the highest international standards with creativity, in order to offer our clients a new vision of quality. The convergence between passion, professionalism,

innovation and skill has motivated us along the time of our ascension, making us one of the top

production houses in Romania. Our team is comprised of talented, hard-working, imaginative

individuals who work together as one and are always prepared to offer and deliver the best services to

our clients. Such services include concept creation, production and post-production.


Our motto is as follows: We regard the impossible as a challenge to overcome, which is why we don't

draw limits to our imagination.

One of the top options for cinematographers to use in the world, Arri Alexa Mini is the

regular camera we use on our productions. This camera is an integral part of our

productions, as we use it for our projects, in order to allow our clients to have a top quality

image accompanying our productions. The camera is equipped with its own set of ultra

prime lenses (16mm – 135mm).